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The parameters defined by the decoder

If you buy an access to the decoder then you can install a decoder on your own website or add to software or mobile application. For example the data can be used for prefill fields of web forms or you can to make a VIN decoder on website for users.

We remind you that VINformer report do not contain an information about specific vehicle: options, road accidents, owners history or dealer's service history etc. This information contains in payd reports wich you can buy on website.

The decoding process is performed by the unique universal algorithm and not formed from responses from requests to cars manufacturers databases. Consequently in some cases the information may be absent or contain mistakes.

All parameters which can be determined by a decoder in the list below:

Parameters *
Basic information
vinIdentification number
checkDigitCheck digit
checkDigitMeansCheck digit value
bodyOrigOriginal car body name
generationGeneration of model
bodyNameModel code
segmentVehicle Class
vehicleTypeVehicle type
bodyTypeCar body type
doorsDoors quantity
trimTrim level
steeringSteering column position
chassisMakeChassis brand
chassisModelChassis model
specExtraInfoExtras. Information for special vehicles
titleNoRUSVehicle title number (for Russia)
modelYearModel year
produceDateDate of manufacture
startYearStart of manufacture
finishYearEnd of manufacture
gearboxTypeGearbox type
speedsTransmission speeds quantity
gearboxNameGearbox series
driveNameManufacturer#s drive name
Parameters of engine
engNameEngine series
enTypeEngine type
fuelTypeFuel type
supplyFuel supplying system
engDisplEngine displacement, ccm
lineUpEngine line-up
enPowerEngine power
enTorqueEngine torque
enPTSTDStandard of power and torque determine
enEmissionEmissions classification
enFuelRateFuel consumption
enComprCompression ratio
enDescrAdditional information
motTypeType of electric motor
motQuantNumber of electric motors
BatTypeBattery type
BatCapBattery capacity, kWh
motNameElectric motor series
motEmissionEmissions classification (electric motors)
motPowerElectric motor power
motTorqueElectric motor torque
motPTSTDStandard of power and torque determine (electric motors)
motFuelRateElectric consumption
Restraint and brake systems
coming soon...
Manufacturer & manufacturing
countryOriginCountry of origin
asmCountryCountry of assembly
asmRegionCityCity (and region) of assembly
asmPlantNameAssembly plant name
manufListList of manufacturers
Weight and size parameters
coming soon...

* - A set of parameters which can be defined for a specific VIN depends on several factors, such as brand, model, year of manufacture, market, etc.

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