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You business is affilate with the automobiles then we offer for you to become our subscriber. Where you can use the information which may been get by VIN decoding? It's very much numbers of places for applying it! You can set up VIN decoder on your own website (see en example) or use the data for prefilling the forms on website, parts stores, soft, mobile applications. You can use VIN-decoder now. API for car's catalog is comming soon.

VINformer has existed more then 15 years! To be exact since November 2005. There was a huge experience in the identification of vehicles by VIN during this time.

Note: VINformer report contains only basic characteristics of the car: brand, model, model year, body type, engine volume, etc. The data set may differ and depends of the brand of car, the car model, the sales market, the place of production, the producer, the model year, etc. (the full list of parameters that can be defined by the decoder).

VINformer report is contain a VIN decoding only without reference to the details of current vehicle. Thus VINformer report contains only information that is available at decoding VIN on the website.

Additional reports: car options, dealers history, Carfax© and also payd reports not part of the VINformer reports! This reports are prepared by our partners and paid individually for each report.

We also inform you that we don't sell the subscriptions to Carfax reports © and AutoCheck ©!

If the subscription is interesting for you?

More info about API usage you can see in special chapter of website. And you can send a claim to free one week test usage of API.

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