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Our plans

We doing permanent work for the database update. We find and add to the database an information from different sources.

2019 (version 7 – VF5)

During the January we tested the new VINformer and launch it to production from 01.02.2019! The new version is faster, it give more information and more structurized information (especially about engines)! Our subscribers are starts to connect to the VINformer 7.0.

2018 (version 5 – VF5)

In the end of the year we start the work for creation a new version of VINformer and we did made this before New Year!

2017 (version 5 – VF5)

We added an information about VOLKSWAGEN models from 2000 year (the current lineup) and about new Korean premium brand - GENESIS. New field in the report has occured: modification (for AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN and GENESIS).

Also the new report for cars from US is available now - EpicVIN.

2016 (version 5 – VF5)

Every day a few tens of thousands of requests are done via VINformer website or via other websites and software of our subscribers.

The decoder for DATSUN models since 2014 was added. Was made the statistic page. And we doing updates for database as usual.

Also the website got absolutely new design.

2015 (version 5 – VF5)

At the beginning of a year the new version of website was started. Also was added an information about AUDI models from 2000 year (the current lineup).

The new report for cars from North American market (VINInspect©) became is available.

Also we permanently made updates for database.

2014 (version 5 – VF5)

In June 2014 the new fifth version of VINformer was launched! We developed the new tariff plans for our subscribers and modified the API for transfer reports in JSON or XML formats and in utf-8 or win-1251 encoding.

At the end of the year almost 15 000 people were registered on website!!!


We started to develop the new decoding algorithm for connect to the VINformer a database with engines data.


The registration system was made for the website.


We are fully remake the website. Also we create the API for install our decoder on websites or software.

2009 (version 4)

In April 2009 we started the cooperation with vin.su. We began to sell Carfax©, AutoCheck© and more another reports. And we made updates for database.

2008 (version 3)

In October 2008 the decoding algorithm was updated, website was redesigned and we bought www.VINformer.SU domain.

This version could identify about 2000 car manufacturers and more then 400 car models of vehicles (cars, bikes, trucks, buses, recreation and special vehicles etc). For vehicles from Russia and Community of Independent States and for 51 brand of cars from whole the world was made detailed decoding of VIN.


In April 2007 we stopped supporting offline version of VINformer and have focused to the online version.

Also we permanently made updates for database.

2006 (version 2)

Over time, was accumulated much information and we decided to put the information on the site. So, in December 2006, the program has received a new name - VINformer and it was placed on a website on the Internet for free download and was created an online version of the program.

2005 (version 1)

VINformer project starts work from November 2005. At that time, there was a needs to determine the main parameters of the car (make, model, body type, engine volume, etc.) by the VIN. The monitoring has shown that such software are exist, but it is paid. A freeware is exist but it works very unstable, or gives an information for a limited cars (for example, one brand), or very limited amount of information (for example, a model only). Also these programs are practically no updated! This fact makes useless any possibility of usage this programs.

And the idea of creating an informative and freeware is occured. Information about the structure of the VIN for different car brands on the Internet is enough. So all that remains - to collect the information, systematize it and to code a decryption algorithm.

The first step was a program called VINyl. It was used basically for personal use.

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