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If you are register on website then you are fully agree for these conditions.

If you became a registred user then you are get a some advantages compared with unregistered users viz:

  • you will to decode up to 50 VIN per a day (for unregistered users the daily limit is 3 requests only);
  • CAPTCHA will be off for you;
  • you'll be a first to know about special offers or changes on the website;
  • also you will be able to place the information about you or your company in an account on VINformer.SU and share this link.

The registred users are may to recieve newsletters from the website. If you did to subscribe for this newsletters then the daily limit will be increase to 100.

You are to take the VIN decoding data from the website on an "as is" and take responsibility (of using these data) yourself.

Remember what the report's correctness depends of data which you are entered!

The website administration constantly works to increase report's quality and data volume. You can to take part in this process and to become a "moderator". This option is under construction now but you can send your letters to the website owner.

The paid reports are provided by our business-partners. You are do the payments not on the www.VINformer.SU. Also VINformer.SU do not send bought reports to you.

Registred users can be an advertisers.

The administration can to change this Rules without users notification.

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