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Conditions of work with the website

Please read this text. Especially if you are planned to use the VINformer data in your application or website.

The principles of creating and operating the VINformer decoder:

  • VINformer was made for getting only basic info about a vehicle by VIN, but no for concrete vehicle*;
  • VINformer can determine the characteristics of group of identic vehicles (with the same brand/model/generation/model year etc.)**;
  • VINformer is a VIN-decoder which decode a VIN with help by unique algorithm by analyzing VIN structure (in according to a data wich was added to the VIN by a vehicle manufacturer). The VINformer report contain an information wich was based on user entered data (VIN). VINformer is not a parts catalog and is not a VIN database;
  • The report data can't be used for purchasing of parts**;
  • The decoder algorithm is use the data from open sources and the data which was received from our users. This can lead to imprecision and errors in reports;
  • Sometimes vehicles manufacturers can to change a principle of encoding, this can also lead to errors apparition in VINformer reports;
  • You accept the results of decoding on an "as is" basis. You are bear all the financial and legal responsibility by yourself;
  • The owner of VINformer website is bear nothing responsibility of using by you the data from VINformer reports and the other information from vinformer.su website;
  • We are permanently findind and adding new information and correcting information in our database for increasing the VINformer reports quality!

* - you can recieve more information about concrete vehicle (by VIN or by frame#) from additional reports of our partners;
** - for example: two cars with same brand, model, model year and complectation but differing by body colour will be have the identical reports. VINformer cannot to determine the characteristics of concrete vehicle such as a colour of body or interior, engine or transaxle, option codes etc. Some parts on this cars may be a differ;

You are aware of the VINformer's functioning principles.

The VIN decoding is means the fully acceptance above information and climes absence for reports quality from you.

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